Bringing love, life and hope in a renewing community!

Cottage Beck Cafe Church is intended to be much more than a cafe. It is a facility for the local neighbourhood, a place where people do

things for other people. Local people are volunteering their time to do things for others.



There are so many things we could be doing for each other, as many ideas as there are people and skills in this locality.

If you have any suggestions about things that this neighbourhood needs, or ways that you can help out, let us know. Come in and talk to us when the cafe is open or call us now on 07974 423 246.




How Café Church started:


Cafe Church Before


Cafe Church After


The idea was, as a church, to do something different.


Out of the mess of possibilities came Café Church – a church for people who don’t go to church. In an age that often lacks neighbourliness and community spirit, many find an antidote by belonging to a church or a club. The aim of Café Church is to help its local neighbourhood find that sense of togetherness where everyone knows each other’s names.



By providing a place where things can happen. By facilitating cooperation on neighbourhood events. By organising activities that meet the felt needs in the local area. By encouraging people to participate in helping each other. By accessing funding and services that will benefit the community. By always being open to new ideas!



Many people perceive Christianity to be about groups of people who sing hymns, listen to preachers, and take up offerings, whereas Jesus was a person who spent his life on the road doing things for people and encouraging them to do things for each other. So Café Church is attempting to place the emphasis on “service”, not “Services”.






In the society that Jesus pointed us towards, people are not defined by their gender, race/ethnicity, or economic standing or creed. All are created in the image of God, are seen as his children, and are equal in every respect. Out of this recognition of community – our fundamental belief that all people are of equal value and dignity – come the following core values of Cottage Beck Café Church –


We Value…

Acceptance: Regardless of personality differences we applaud innovation, actively seek variety and enjoy differing perspectives.


Caring: Café Church will always seek to be aware of the pain of both the individual and the community. It will also seek to give opportunities for expressions of joy and celebration.


Openness: As salt gives flavour to all mediums to which it is added, we accept all peoples, and all opinions, seeking to add flavour that enhances three things – dignity, justice and peace.


Humility: this church will seek to engender an attitude of enabling others to be more successful than ourselves – varying ministries are not in competition.


Freedom to Change: God forgives and we will seek to offer people the chance to grow; we also will seek to adapt to the changing needs of our society. Our freedom includes the freedom to fail as well as succeed.


Growth: The purpose of this church is to make apprentices, teaching all our staff principles of community and sharing.



Reverence: Our attitude towards God will always be one of reverence. This will not exclude a joy in His friendship and will not create a disrespect towards our fellow human beings and their beliefs.


Prayer: All challenges are spiritual and must be won on the spiritual plane before one can see a practical difference. An attitude of prayer is ongoing in Cottage Beck Café Church.


Expectation of God’s provision: Our controlling factor is not our own resources, but rather an awareness that God meets all our needs one way or another, be it personnel, finance, or whatever.


Servant-Leadership: Leaders within the church will not ask others to work harder than they themselves are working, so that no one feels used or abused.