Street Pastors North Lincs

Street Pastors North Lincs started in 2009, when local congregations sent volunteers out onto the streets on Saturday nights from 10pm to 4am to work alongside the pubs and clubs, the local authority, and the police to do whatever they could to help people stay safe while they enjoy a good night out.



Recently Coordinator Bryan Webster answered the question “What is a Street Pastor” as follows:


What is a Street Pastor?  Someone who cares about the town and volunteers to spend time on the streets from 10pm to 4am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, looking out for the general well-being of the people who are out participating in the night time economy.


At the recent Fourth Anniversary Celebration of Scunthorpe Street Pastors, representatives from the Police, the Council, and the Licensed Premises spoke warmly of the contribution that the Street Pastor initiative has made in the significant drop in violent crime in Scunthorpe.


We are looking for fresh volunteers who will share this rewarding role with the currently serving Street Pastors and further increase our effectiveness.


Examples of what we do would be looking out for people in any level of distress for reasons such as

–       they have become separated from their friends

–       they have lost their phone/bag/money

–       they have been injured in an assault or accident

–       they have been in an argument with friends or door staff

–       they are cold

–       they are clearly vulnerable whether because of their state of intoxication, or aloneness


We assist in whatever ways seem appropriate such as

–       reconnecting them with friends

–       making phone calls for them

–       assisting them to taxis

–       applying first aid

–       supplying water/blankets/flip flops

–       calling cctv/ambulance/nite safe/police as necessary

–       simply keeping a watchful eye on them


We also spend a lot of time in friendliness, chatting with revellers, with a view to making their evening more enjoyable and building relationships which might later help us to calm a disagreement, or make us approachable if they are in trouble later on.


A comprehensive training programme is run with regular updates, in which people are prepared to deal with whatever they may encounter and to enable them to work in partnership with the police, council, licensed premises, and the ambulance service.  Street Pastors always work in teams of three or four and a Street Pastor is never left to deal with a situation on his or her own.  The training is given by the Council, the Police, the East Midlands Ambulance Service, as well as in house.


We invite people to join us for an Observer’s Experience before deciding to start training.  Thereafter the individual lets the Street Pastors’ Coordinator know what their availability is and is then included in the rota accordingly. It is rare that someone comes out as a volunteer and does not go on to become a Street Pastor – the experience on the streets is such a positive one.


Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin says, “The Street Pastors in Scunthorpe do a first class job.  I have been privileged to go out with them on a Saturday night in the Town Centre and observe the calm, sensitive and supportive way they help people who get into difficulties.  They also have an excellent relationship with other agencies such as the police and door keepers who help create a positive environment for the night time economy.  They are very well respected by these partners as well as the people enjoying themselves in the town centre.  As such they are an excellent opportunity of the sort of practical, positive work faith organisations and others do in our community.  I am very proud of them and thank them for what they do on all our behalf.”

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